Edison A. Blake
Words and Music: Put it in Writing

The Original Artificial Stud is a wild adventure in the near future where obscenely wealthy and morally bankrupt power brokers plot to destroy the world to cover up for mistake on a global scale that, if discovered, would strip them of the only thing they love more than themselves: money. For them nuclear war is just a convenient and efficient form of arson. This unfettered corruption at the top is countered by a loose alliance of grifters, musicians, druggies and, lowest of the low, college students.

It's a coolly cynical tale of survival against the odds. The main story is but one of dozens of stories wound through the novel. In this future no one reads, but they do listen to "holographic bubble gum cards" with bizarre colorful and very noisy tales, many of which appear in The Original Artificial Stud.

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Undead Vikings in Love asks and answers the question "What could be more wonderful than undying love...or more horrible?"

Norse gods, Odin and Freyja, with a little twisted help from Loki, pit two Viking armies against each other in an endless war to win the love of the beautiful Viking princess Hild. Every day they fight a bloody battle to the death of the last man only to be resurrected every morning to fight anew. But, after1200 years, they start to show boredom. In an effort to rekindle their enthusiasm, Loki diverts a college oceanographic survey ship to the island.

Coeds, college jocks and a mixed bag of sailors brought to the islandby the gods and a lovesick sorceress, soon run up against the Vikings and hilarity, of a very bloody sort, ensues. Horrific, perverse, poignant and poetic by turns, Undead Vikings in Love explores love, lust and jealousy in a  wild story told with a flair for black humor and an eye for adventure.

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